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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Take a fresh look at the experience we call anxiety, fear and nervousness and ask: can we discover an ever-present stillness amidst the stormy waves of life?

It seems that we have forgotten who we really are, freely given peace beyond comparison, judgement and condition; this silent, restful background of being that we are.

The vast ocean of consciousness that unconditionally embraces its beloved ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ children with equal tenderness,
that loves its ‘dark’ and ‘light’ waves to death,
that holds its ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ with equal understanding.

Life is not the problem.
Thoughts and feelings are not the problem.
The waves in the ocean are not the problem.
Being human is not the problem.
It never was.

The ‘problem’ begins with the ‘solutions’ that we are offered, the paths we follow in our misguided innocence, and in our fear.

We do not need solutions to the non-existent problem of being alive here and now.

At last someone who is TRULY AWAKENED!