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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't Be Sad When I Die....

The life we experience as human beings is very different from the life experienced by other creatures with which we share our planet.

Most of us agonize over the meaning of our lives, we have hopes and dreams to which we aspire and work towards.

We are human and we will always be changing, our needs are always changing, when one need is filled the next need now has room to make its voice heard.

When we stop changing we can stop living, yes life is hard sometime and changes and many people lose their way in their path to find peace.

Live each day to the fullest, wondering why, life at times, can seem great. Living every day, like it was our very last, for our days could be very long or go by very fast.

Trust and have faith in God and especially in you, for you will carry yourself in your flight.
The miracle of life is waiting for you to see.

Look beyond yourself and of the world. Not all communication is verbal and sometimes we know and feel although they haven't said a thing.

Tomorrow isn't promised to young or old alike, today may be the last day I'm able to hold you tight. Don't wait for tomorrow, do it all today, if tomorrow never comes, you'll never regret a day.

What is spirituality?

Some would some say it is simply matters of the spirit, but the complication comes in when you try to define spirit.

Spirituality is a very hard word to define, but let’s just say you know it when you feel it.

When that something deep inside you feels moved, it is probably of a spiritual nature.

When tomorrow starts without me,
and I’m not there to comfort you,
please know that I still love you,
cause I know you love me too.

When tomorrow starts without me,
and you feel lost and blue,
I hope these words I’ve written
will help to see you through.

Someday your pain will ease,
sadness replaced by fond memories
Come tomorrow you will hear
I love you whispered on the breeze.

When tomorrow starts without me
cause God has called me home
I turn, blowing a kiss for thee
Sad that you may feel alone.

I will miss you tomorrow
as I take one last glimpse
a tear falls from my cheek
I’ll be going home.

And tomorrow will start without me

ps/smoh to AOH