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Friday, March 22, 2013

There is no easy way—and that's the good news. Loll. The bad one??? Well, to think there is, obviously.

If we devote our life to security, pleasure, and satisfaction, we won’t be real adult human beings. We will continue being little kids.
If we don't confront the difficulties in our life and our reality, we're not going to live a real life. It’s as simple as that. We're not going to become real by having certain experiences. 
The experiences might give us some direction and guidance, a taste of what is real, but true transformation happens when we learn to live according to the truth.

Forty years down the golden road and after 52 years of living, it's clearly my own experience if it wouldn't, I'd have had no interest at all in sharing those words obviously.

Second, no one says here that one has to "repeat" this, certainly not me it's not a mantra.

Third, I don't see that it says anywhere that "to be 'real' it has to be difficult". 
There no "has to" here.

There are difficulties in life, whether we like it or not and if they are to be reduced to the strict minimum as it goes, then what's needed is needed and that's for each of us to go about it the way we want to.

Finally, personally my mind is an open sky where no thought could plant a root.

By truth, I personally never mean anything exotic or esoteric. 
To me, truth is reality, simply, just as it is. As for suffering difficulties, well, if anyone here on this planet never suffered anything nor had any difficulties, I have no idea from what planet they come from.

My only practice is also having a mind like an open sky where no thought could plant a root. 
What else could we do?

In any way, rest in peace and thanks for asking. As for what else we can do, well, that's a profound and delicate question as far as I'm concerned.

From an absolute point of view?

Nothing at all, as from there, all is already here and there is no separate us. From the point of view of being human beings though, it's another story.

As unique multifaceted particularizations of True Nature, unique multidimensional individualizations of it, there are all kinds of things one can do by my lights.
If it wouldn't be for the presence in us of obscurations or obstructions of various kinds, obviously Reality would be manifest right now in the fullness of all its aspects and dimensions. 
Well, we wish. *__*

True Nature is probably multidimensional.
Who knows?
Having no other perception than what my eyes, skin, ears, can perceive, I do with that. And it is already a big challenge!

 Don Juan, in Castaneda says something like:  ‘Life is one, but in the daily life, let's does as if it wasn't the case.’

Hmm. It's both at once, as one, for all I know. It is one and appears as many, which is still the One, how else can it be? 
There aren’t two lives. There is this One Life. 

A co-emergent Unity. An all-inclusive Oneness. And each one of us is a particularization of it, an individualization of it. 
Here to manifest it in unique ways. 
Wake up to it, realize it and actualize it in human life. Human beings. At once pure Being and human. Ô the sheer wonder of it all.

True. Nothing more to say.

That happens until something else comes up. It always does, one way or another, sooner or later.

If we want to be real human beings, we have to live like real human beings, regardless of how difficult that may be.

Nobody can give you the gift of being a real human being.

If you want a real life, a life with truth and integrity, a life with true meaning, with true significance, you're going to have to live that way. 
A real life is not the result of the Work but is the Work. 
We have to take the risks, make the sacrifices, and confront our demons.

Being real is not easy; it comes at a price. 

We cannot live a real life without taking risks, suffering difficulties, and making the necessary sacrifices. There's no easy way.

We call our path the Work because we often have to do things that are difficult. Although sometimes our Work might feel like play, and playful exploration is fundamental to it, more frequently it feels challenging.

The inner journey is difficult because we have to deal with issues that we'd rather not deal with, issues that we’ve avoided for a long time.

To be real, to live a truthful life, we have to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves. 
We can't say, 
“I want to be real,” and 
keep running away from ourselves and from our lives.

Being real is the result of confronting ourselves, the result of being honest about whom and what we are.

We are transformed by our own risk, our own sacrifice.