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Monday, March 18, 2013


We have all heard how important it is to maintain an “attitude of gratitude,” but this is not as easy as one might think....It takes practice! 

So with that in mind, start small… be grateful that you’re still breathing. 

Expanding your attention outwards, be aware of your existence in the grand scheme of life here on Earth and what an honour and privilege it is to participate in the unfolding story of us. 

Be grateful for your senses, your gifts and your talents. 
Moving outward, be grateful for the people in your life and the lessons you have learned from them, even if the only lesson was defining what type of person you don’t want to be! 

Expanding ever outward, be grateful for the fact that this planet is filled with far more goodness and light than evil and darkness. 

For every murder there are millions of acts of kindness. 
For every plane crash hundreds of thousands of planes fly safely. 
For every angry person you meet there is an uncountable army of people doing their best to live in joy and compassion.

Now, once you’re in the habit of being thankful for all that is good, the real challenge begins. 

For like unconditional love, there is also a state of unconditional gratitude, a state of mind and spirit where you are grateful not just for all the wonderful things in life, but for EVERY thing in life: 

The illness, the uncertainty, the loss… all of these can serve to raise your awareness and vibration, and so are many things that we can be grateful for.