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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Done is better than perfect.....

Perfection lies in our imperfection, otherwise there would be no expansion.

 'Perfect' always changes. I would go for 80% (or 2%), and build from there.

Imperfection lies in some percentage of perfection, and that without imperfection there would be no perfection at all, but..

I believe in going for the best possible option that is available to me, and to make that choice based on my highest excitement and wisdom.

The reason I mentioned this sentence today was that I've found myself postponing and excusing several events that I need to do to move forward. 

My limited mind thought that if it could not get it exactly the way it had foreseen, it would not bothering starting, camouflaged worry and fear. 

This is unproductive, and gives me less possibility of experience and growth.

Even though you forget this every time; things usually turn out better than you could have imagined. Your physical mind's best possible scenario is just the beginning level for your higher self. 

Be unlimited.

Perfection is a temporary mental concept that varies depending on the perspective you choose. 

There is no perfect that is valid from all viewpoints. Creation is perfect; it does not make any mistakes. Besides that – everything is up to you.