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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Am a movie STAR!

I believe this moment can be trusted. It's the scenic route, does not require anything I am consciously aware of it already. 
Life is just like a movie really, staying radically open to the present scene, which is the present moment, is always the key. 
Keep those fingers off the REWIND and FAST-FORWARD buttons. You don't need to return, and you don't need to know. 
The previous scene has passed, and the next scene will come in its own time, intelligently flowing from the present scene. 
Even though you're the main star, you have to do your own make-up, wardrobe, publicity, even make up your own lines as you go along!

- Thoughts, sensations and feelings are all inherently loveable, because they are all movements of the very same consciousness that you are - waves in, and of, the unlimited ocean of you. 
They are of your essence, and have a rightful place in, and as, you.

- You are vast. Fear does not contain you. You contain fear. Anger does not contain you. You contain anger. Thoughts do not define you. Feelings cannot limit you. Pain cannot destroy you. 
You allow all of these life-movements to arise, express themselves, and dissolve. 
You remain, whole, ever-present, wide open, untouched yet deeply touched, the pure strength of total vulnerability.

- Being the ever-present room for all thoughts, sensations, feelings, you allow all content, contain all content, but no content can ever contain you. 
You provide space for limitation, but you can never be limited yourself. You are uncontainable, free, totally alive, never captured by a name, thought, belief, judgement or feeling. 
You are mysterious in essence, and can never be objectified, not even by the word "awareness".

- You allow all movement but never move. You are radically open to all change, but your essence never changes. 
Change is simply irresistible to you who never change. You love your content, but do not cling to it, or push it away, or seek yourself in it, and that is why, as yourself, you are always completely content.

- You are nothing in particular, nothing, yet radically open to everything in particular. You are not this or that, here or there, then or now, and yet you dance as all of this. In the last analysis, you ARE all that appears, without exception. 
No separation at all. You have already merged completely into life itself. You are already dead, and cannot die, and that is why you are so very alive, and you play like a child.

- Be what you are, and know clearly what you are not, and live the changeless and ever-changing adventure that begins in each and every moment with the primary invocation "I Am...", and behind that, the unspeakable ocean of silence...