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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I say that that act of grieving is one of those moments in life when it is necessary to take a pause … to adjust the pace of your life and make small and cautious moves as you explore new territory.

Moving through your grief requires one to go on an introspective journey.

In this silent and reflective mode, you learn to listen and hear what your mind/body/soul needs and want.

In general for any sort of loss, when life strips away your life as you knew it, what you can rediscover at the bare core of your existence is that life is about love and being loved … and the rest is simply details.

However long it takes us to find that place,
however long it takes us to put one foot in front of the other again,
however long it takes to smile, to love life again, is simply how long it takes.

There is no right answer.

Think about how much you love your most cherished people.

While that love may have appeared instantaneously in some cases, over time it grew and grew until it was so big that there became no separation too vast, no amount of time too great, in order to reverse it.

We grieve until we don’t any more, but we love forever.

Grief is a topic that I have processed in my personal life and in my nursing work at the Home

People under estimate the amount of time it takes someone to grieve.

We must each move at our own pace and if necessary seek out a qualified professional if the grief becomes overwhelming.

Mindfulness practice has taught me to embrace and not push away feelings of loss and grief but rather to be with them, without judgement but with self-compassion.