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Sunday, February 17, 2013

If people could just come together to understand each other this could be understood and judgements could be released.

Anger isn't nice. It is a mask for bitter pain because of the fear to be open.
When and why did a human society of the people species decide that this is a bad thing to simply admit pain?
For fear of weakness for fear of not being good enough?

Well of course a person being a person is good enough, admitting the pain and just relieving it in a healthy manner so it actually will then be exited from self completely or as much as humanly possible, instead of it being suppressed.

There is nothing to fear of being open. In order to be open a person must be positive within their very own heart.

Just as passive aggressiveness causes suffering, so does passive non-aggressiveness. Passive aggression
Hurts those who fall victim to its misdirected arrows.

Passive non-aggressiveness wounds those who bottle up their expression- their anger congealing into a cache of weapons that explode internally.

The healthier approach is to learn how to express anger healthily and in a timely manner, so that it do not turn outward and harm innocents,and so that it would not turn inward and cause disease.

Because of all the horrible things that humans have done in anger, anger has been given a bad name. 

But it is a legitimate emotion that signals that someone has been violated.

It’s time we raised healthy anger back to the rafters of acceptability, and worked together to clarify a way of expressing it that both holds everyone safe AND allows us to honour its inherent wisdom.
Not abusing self or other, but seeing the feelings all the way through to the healing and lessons they contain.

Aggressiveness is a distorted form of life force... we need to learn to give it back its inherent qualities by using it timely and wisely.

It is a tricky one, that ego is under the surface brooding, bad ego wants revenge wants them to feel the pain they caused us, very challenging not to Respond in this way as it is NATURAL. 

But we are SUPERNATURAL, so we should not / do not let the animal ego dominate our actions and feelings not let bad ego out of the cage.

The only way is to KILL that ego that wants to repay/hurt because of a hurt, if that is the motivation it is challenging since it is often buried almost in our subconscious mind and appears at the worst times when it sees or feels "opening" to repay.


To pacify or control an opponent without fighting is the greatest of skills. It takes a lot of discipline and confidence to swallow our pride in order to pacify some rude, aggressive, bitter person who you would rather lay out on the floor. 
But, as a warrior that I am, it is one of those things which I have to discipline to do and did it.
"Perfection is attained by slow a degree which requires the hand of time."

Namaste *__^