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Saturday, February 16, 2013

CHOOSE to live!!

We bury it because we have to. 
We are too young and it is too much to feel. 
But we forget that we are stronger now. 
We can handle the unearthing, the revealing, and the healing. 
And we have to so that we can live fully integrated lives. 

Everything has to come up for air. 
By breathing it back to life, we come back to life, 
Fullness of feeling, free to live again. 
It is SO challenging. 

It boils beneath the armour we built to survive. Before it can safely surface, defences must be gently dismantled. 

Otherwise, it's explosive. 
Let the unearthing begin! You can handle whatever comes up! You can! 

Face the lack of love, abandonment, abuse, neglect, betrayal now feel the pain don’t bury it under years of refusing to look hard and long at it in a dark night of Soul, 

Rather try being brutally honest with yourself and your feeling, look too see what is buried within, and what you find when you dare face it. 

But this time, it’s not with the mind of a child, but a wise adult, knowing whatever that darkness was that tried to form an image of you, in your soul as a child - 
be it from friends,
even from a neglectful fallen human parent - MOM or DAD, 

If you are free in God, you realize you are not bad, and that image formed in you, is and was not and is NOT THE REAL YOU, but rather a dark force that hated you before you were born... working through fallen beings, it is a force not within but without you, it is outside of you.

You ARE stronger now... Now is the time. To unearth, examine, own and be accountable for, embrace and transmute. And BE FREE.

I look people in the eye again and through their eyes into their soul and through their soul I recognize my soul! 
And the beauty is that I see it happening a split second before it actually happens and I act upon it, fearlessly and conscious of the fact that it is happening! 

Now that is freedom, which is life which comes barging in at full strength!

We are in our own power now, we get to CHOOSE! 

No one to blame, no one to point fingers at. We are divine beings having a human experience, we made the choices that led us directly to THIS PLACE, and if we don't like it there are different choices to be MADE!

You’re either in, or you’re out. 

Sometimes it’s that simple. No more stories, no more sidestepping, escape hatches, veiled retreats. You’re either in, or you’re out. 

Peace  Love and light!!!!