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Friday, February 1, 2013

Awesome truth?????

One of the great tragedies of religious history occurred when the physical body was falsely accused for the sins of mankind, and was rooted out of religious traditions. 

The idea that our most basic bodily functions, our sexual passion, and our sensual pleasure are unclean and unholy is not only a regrettable belief system, it’s also a profoundly ignorant one. 

Deep spirituality is not an out-of-body experience; it’s an in-body experience. 

How could it be otherwise? 

Here on earth we live in our bodies, and our bodies are as sacred and miraculous as any part of God’s creation. 

The physical creations exalted by saints and poets -- stars and gemstones, milk and honey, the waters of life and the flowers of the fields --share our own elemental make-up.

We are not spiritual beings trapped in a carnal existence. 

Spirit is dancing in our molecular structure, and flowing in our blood stream. 

Physical form is the way we experience spiritual reality on earth. 

Our thoughts are electrical impulses; our emotions are fueled by chemistry and biology; our organs pump and breath in rhythm with the pulse of the tides and the dance of the cosmos. 

There is nothing in physical creation that is inherently more sacred than anything else. 

This holds true for nature as it does for space as it does for the human body.