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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pathways into the Journey of One Soul

I ask for the guidance to deepen my awareness with all of Life that is set down before me. 

I ask for clarity so I may become my deepest desire. 

There is a radiant beam of light that reveals a reverent smile upon my face. 

A glorious fragrance fills my senses expanding through every cell of my body. The colours that nature brings out are amplified in the presence of the sights that are set out before me. 

A dance begins before me showing me the dazzling displays of the Universe. A spectacular of wondrous movement places my heart amongst the stars. 

The beat from the rhythm of the Universe tenderly embraces my heart. 

I am lead to a place of enchantment and seductiveness. 

I surrender to the rhythm that is swaying me to the vibrations flowing from the harmony found in the passageway of my heart. 

Love pours out from my heart into the Universe for all to take of the essence to expand the life that lives in all of us. 
The openness to my life I feel right now fills me with a unparalleled peace. 

I am what I say I am.
I let go of everything that does not hold me to the highest energies of the Divine that arises to form all of Life.

With each breath I will acknowledge the Love that lives in all of us as one.