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Monday, April 15, 2013

Everything real comes through the heart....

It is amazing to me how God set this all up.
The heart, I mean is the FIRST organ that formed. 

When it is truly opened, everything secondary falls away- egoism glory, fame and fortune, substitute gratifications. 

The heart doesn't care about such things. 

It doesn't hold it against you if you don't own your own home, achieve your goals, and have a perfect body. 

No matter our seeming differences, we are all the same when the heart gate opens. 

When our heart centre is balanced and open, we actually establish an energetic resonance with other, entering into a common vibration. 

When are on the same energetic wavelength as others, we communicate on a higher level than we allow. 

We enter into an energetic rapport that is based on complete understanding and acceptance of each other.

Practice being present with an open heart and see how the energy shifts....  

Love is the great equalizer.


Inner Guidance comes in a gentle stream of impulses, nudges, "ah ha's" and bright ideas. That's why it is so important to pay attention to your heart. It's the place where the whisper of guidance is felt.