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Sunday, April 7, 2013

We are our own law....the power of the mind has no boundaries...

What it does mean living by your code?

Code of ethics is actually stricter than any law of the land.

Your standards require you to keep a closer watch on your actions than any law could.

We hold our self to a higher standard than anyone else expects of us, just as Henry Ward Beecher suggests that you should do.
He doesn’t bend his “rules” as one does with discretionary laws such as speed limits, etc. For this reason, he finds most laws useless.

The true being of character doesn’t need laws in order to do what they should. We simply do what’s right regardless of whether or not there is a law to guide us.

Moreover, even if there were no laws, we would still live the same lifestyle of honour and integrity.

The point here is that we set our own law.

That law is our code of honour or code of ethics. We decide what is right and what is just, and lives accordingly.

"You may be thinking if everyone did that we would have anarchy, and you would be exactly right. Everyone is not a being of honour.
That is why we have to have laws - for lesser being who will not discipline themselves." said Joan

Sometimes we falter slightly; but the main purpose is to respond quickly with a positive attitude.


We all have a set of rules we follow which serves as a guide to our lives. For the most part, these rules exist in the background. Although they are often concealed from conscious awareness, they shape our expectations and interactions. Uncovering and becoming aware of these rules or conditions is essential for us to move powerfully forward on purpose.  By exposing and clarifying what our expectations or life rules are, we become free to examine just how they support or hinder us in our relationships and in the achievement of our goals.