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Friday, April 12, 2013

Self-discipline is the cornerstone of any endeavour.....

It does not matter what the endeavour is that you aspire to, without self-discipline it will most likely not be successful. 

Self-discipline is the cornerstone of any successful endeavour, whether it is obtaining a good education or perfecting our skills.

It requires a lot of self-discipline to make yourself get up and workout when all you feel like doing is vagging out on the couch in front of the television and staring mindlessly at that colourful box. 

Without self-discipline, that is probably what you would do.

Self-discipline is especially important for us. 

It takes effort to live the lifestyle of what we wanted. 

There is a constant battle raging in the soul, at least until we has established our code of honour securely in our spirit. 

One is constantly tempted to set one standards aside and deal with some jerk who just insulted one's life in a more direct, physical way, but resists this temptation time and time again. 

This takes self-discipline, sometimes a lot of self-discipline!

The trick is to continue to discipline yourself until these temptations do not cross your mind when you are dealing with these kinds of people. 

When you no longer need to discipline yourself in order to walk away from some obnoxious jerk, you know that the lifestyle has become ingrained in your spirit. 

You naturally do what is right and what is best, and can smile about how the “old” you would have loved to smash this guy’s face. 

With continuous self-discipline, you will reach this point.

When our heart centre is balanced and open, we actually establish an energetic resonance with other, entering into a common vibration. 

When are on the same energetic wavelength as others, we communicate on a higher level than we allow. We enter into an energetic rapport that is based on complete understanding and acceptance of each other.

 Practice being present with an open heart and see how the energy shifts.