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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

From breakdown to breakthrough...

There is a time for deep emotional work through to clear our debris, to heal our hearts, to regain our freshness of appreciation.

At the same time, we have to be careful that we are actually working through rather than bogging down.

It’s a fine line between a healthy reclaiming of the feelings that we left behind us on the path the power of ‘then’and
an unhealthy and repetitive recreation of our past suffering. 

Repressed emotions are un-actualized spiritual lessons. 

The emotional body is the karmic field where our soul’s lessons are harvested. Moving forward on the path requires that we work the feelings all the way through to the expansion at their heart.

I think something to always remember, is we 'can'! 

We can move forward.and we do!  

Even the recognition of our life is a step forward, for we are seeing as what was, rather than what is, because at recognition, one is no longer living the past forward, but viewing the past backward. 

It's at this point; we may turn ahead and carry on working our life into a clean new direction, not carrying the past in our shoes, but in our backpack. 

Eventually, we all go home after school; put down the backpack so we can play, eat, study and rest.