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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Those who know the least obey the best. Farquhar

People of the past have always valued improving their mind. 

Reading and studying were a part of their routine and they valued knowledge. Just like your counterparts of old, you should also value knowledge.

Those without knowledge, as Farquhar states, are easy to control and to take advantage of by those who have knowledge. 

When knowledge is looked at from this vantage point, you can consider studying and acquiring knowledge of various things, as being part of your self-defence.

Self-defence involves much more than defending yourself physically against some thug, especially in today’s society.

There are so many ways that people can hurt you today. 

A physical assault, although the main focus of self-defence, is but one way that you can be attacked. Your enemies who are less physical and more educated, will more likely assault you through other means, usually having to do with their knowledge and twisted character.

For this reason, it is vital that you also arm yourself with a well-balanced knowledge of the world. Know your rights and the law so others cannot use your ignorance as a weapon against you. 

This is important even in a physical confrontation.

You must know the law concerning how much force you can legally use, in order to defend yourself against legal prosecution, even though you are in the right. 

If you lack knowledge, you are putting yourself at risk. Those without knowledge have a hole in their defence. 

Think about this.