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Friday, April 19, 2013

"Nothing can stop one with the right mental attitude from achieving one's goal; nothing on earth can help one with the wrong mental attitude....."

Your attitude makes more difference than you can image.

It plays a vital role in whether or not you achieve your goals. This may sound odd, but it is true, and science backs up this statement.

Scientists have now proven that our thoughts are much more powerful than we ever thought they were.

When you consistently focus your thoughts on something, you are actually attracting people, events, and situations into your life that help you achieve whatever your mind is focused on. 

I know, this sounds a little like mystical mumbo-jumbo, but it isn't; it is the science of energy, or as we call it in the martial arts world chi or ki.

When you learn to control and focus your thoughts and attitude, you are setting yourself up for success; when you don't control your thoughts and attitude, you are taking two steps forward and one step back. It is hard to achieve your goals when you do that.

Now, re-read Jefferson's quote and replace the word "attitude" with the word "thoughts." 

With what science has now proven, this makes a lot of sense. 

We must learn to control our mind! 

When you control your mind, you are on the path to controlling your chi or ki, and when you learn to control your energy, a whole new world will open up to you - be ready.