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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Universe invites you.....

Does it love to announce and reveal the unloving behaviours of others?
Should we never offer an observation, much less a criticism, of those who do things with which we disagree? Yesterday I asked this question, and drew quite a...

There is a 'right' time and a 'wrong' time for everything, I think. 

Not in the sense of being morally Right or Wrong, but simply in the sense of being in harmony with the vibrations of the moment. In that.

The path of transformation is not as easy path to walk. I know, because I have tried. Over and over again, in fact, I have tried. 
For me the issue is not that I have failed to try.

Awareness is not a gift that some have and others cannot attain. Awareness is your birthright and your inheritance. 
You have it now. It is not a question of whether you have it, but of whether you are using it.

Someone in your life right now is hoping, praying, that you will overlook their faults, their foibles, their most recent mistake. -- Will you?

The Universe invites you to say yes!

There is no reason to wait. None, save the reasons that your Mind gives you, none of which are valid, all of which you are just making up.