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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dissolve into silence ...which means you are and I am

My breath like waves, underneath - the ocean... not separate but includes the breath trying to understand - mind, being - don't 'mind at all.

All in rhythm of its own course, all on time/no time at all, the relative is absolutely great.

At first, I was lost in the 'relative' perspective –
"I'm a person desperately trying to fix myself, to become perfect, pure, enlightened."

 Later, I was lost in the 'absolute' perspective
"There's no me, no world, no time... and no perspectives!"

These days, what's seen is this:
The absolute dances as the relative, and so the words 'absolute' and 'relative' dissolve... into silence.

I am back to absolute, until the relative disturbs it again.

Then the drumming starts.

And I don’t have a clue anymore but to be and let’s see what comes!

Sometimes I’m trying to work out some spiritual idea...some times its all known sometimes the opposite ..

Every state I can be in has its opposites...and it’s all going on in this mystery we sometimes know, sometimes clearly see from with some the me drops away, some bit by bit...

Only God knows , what a life eh!!

So all inclusive...