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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Balance is the essence; total light blinds just like total darkness

100% transparent honesty about self is total vulnerability...it can never be used against us for there is nothing left to hurt/shame/ridicule.
100% honesty about others is subjective and based on our own projections and values and can easily be used against is as it's always our perspective and we can be wrong.

BUT yes there are many who don't want to discover honesty, which is totally fine for them as well.

It's amazing how being 100% transparently HONEST can be used against us. We live in societies who actually prefer not knowing us well enough if it means discovering sides of us that question and disagree with their personal perspectives and more so various conditioning.

Not everyone deserves to know our diverse facets; and yes, EVERYONE has MANY sides.

I think that when we are being honest and truthful with ourselves and others we have less concern for people who wish to live disingenuously.

At least I do

I know quite a good number of youth and adults who don't let their parents ever know their crazy side. Now I understand why.
Particularly those who moved abroad for studies and work. Whenever they return home for a holiday they simply keep a low profile and even do stuff they aren't particularly fond of, just to please their parents/ family. In the end, they are still respected by their communities.

Then there are some of us who don't know how ARE anything less than our natural selves.

We are the same anywhere under the sun, under any roof, in the company of people following any belief systems.
One may say- in the presence of One God- in any corner of the Universe.

And what happens to us?
We'd be judged, criticized and ridiculed with all the possible words in the dictionary since obviously it's not humanly possible to please everyone.

I've come to learn that, as much as it's LIBERATING, to BE the same person 24/ 7, it's a matter of whether or not others deserve and are ready to know us - unfolded Inside out.
This isn't about being or not being HONEST to ourselves. No. Rather, about taking CARE of ourselves consciously since we now know what is more mature and less energy draining owing to the valuable lessons learned via past experiences of our Being.


Be the example of what we are as human.  Nothing else matters. I have experienced the same paradigm; in the end energy spent is relative.

That easier for those living isolated from society. For those parts of a close-knit family/ community, it's a LOT more challenging.
Particularly when it involves traditions and cultures still followed which are several centuries and even millenniums old.

Being honest and truly you is not saying be an open book for anyone to read and perhaps judge.
But being honest with yourself means to be discriminating as to whom, why and where you share your thoughts.
This is only with regards to ideals behaviour, beliefs, emotions, communications and other corporal stuff. One must know their audience.

Indeed it takes a lot of maturity through many experiences to figure this out. :) Some of us learn it the hard way, while some others never seem to learn.

It also has quite a bit to do with variations in levels of evolutions, both of ourselves and those we associate with. Quite often when we go OOPS!
It’s usually about having said too much to those we reckon won't comprehend YET

Being 100% transparently honest can be used against us too.

This is a very complex thing when mixed up with spirituality and social life. Being honest to our self in spirituality is being honest to everyone as all are one, but in social life when we show every plus and minus point to people it can be used against us.

I now understand that being honest is to feel what we feel inside and not necessarily show it to everyone around, especially if the people are not aware and conscious.

Yes, I have been an open book for quite a long now, it’s time to cover it up and let only those people open who have the qualification for reading it otherwise they can manipulate the meaning of the entire content of the book.

Eternity has no distinction and time has no relevance toward the future of existence.
One must not be a passenger in the seat next to life; the sacrifice does never know what will become of the test that we place upon ourselves when we stand unified with ourselves and the universe flowing through us; what we feel as a source being free from indoctrination.

This is my last time on this planet because I am here to be the change that this civilization requires to move forward, beyond what is socially acceptable or what we can borrow in the form of education.

The issues of the time are present and this is the age of now, only. When you are dead there will be no time to affect the change that you are so passionate for.

This is so true... All I see is dishonest being, wrongdoers winning over and over again right in front of our eyes, by twisting the truth in dramatic ways..

Sometimes it’s very easy for us to lose faith and believe that good does not exist in this world...

Life keeps testing the innocent ones and rewarding the dishonest ones which is a very weird thing...

When we finally give up the struggle to find fulfilment “out there,” we have nowhere to go but within. It is at this moment of total surrender that a new light begins to dawn.

The most sacred place dwells within our heart, where dreams are born and secrets sleep, a mystical refuge of darkness and light, fear and conquest, adventure and discovery, challenge and transformation. 

Our heart speaks for our soul every moment while we are alive. Listen... as the whispering beat repeats: begin, begin, and begin. It's really that simple. Just begin... again.

If you will have to repeat your mistakes next life, that also means you have to repeat them now from previous lives. 
That means that you never can change anything nor decide. 

How could you make up your mind for the first time than?