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Friday, August 17, 2012

To be in control or being control, that is 'the' big question...

There are all sorts of individuals everywhere. Just heaps of some in certain cultures who are expressive control freaks, especially towards women, and they often use the names of God as a tool for this.

It's amazing how some individuals try to change others' perspectives to fit into their own herd/ community/ tribal mentality to the point of deleting their very natural Being.

I have to wonder, is that somewhat of a personal need to control others due to the fact that, the individual "feels" they are lacking "control" in their own life?

It's universal even beyond faith, based on experience of that phenomenon, I've seen how some parents control their children no different to how they were/ are controlled by their parent’s way into adulthood. 

So it's an unhealthy vicious cycle indeed.

Everyone has a reliable intuition when we respect our self, express your experiences unfiltered, without sugar-coating.  
Choose your own career pathway and life partner. It's our Divine Right. Nobody owns anyone. We belong to ourselves, and you shall perform to the fullest possible.
Once we decide to walk on the salmon's way, just be tuft and consequent. ^_^ When you feel tired, just remember that you are stronger than you think.
It's never too late for anyone. If we're breathing, we are responsible to find our own Inner Peace and Joy. Nobody can give it to us.

So better be Conscious and honest to ourselves. Nobody said it will be easy, but those who were honest to themselves proved it was worth it.

Sometimes it may against the mainstream and it's courageous in its positive aim. Always be true to yourself, most fundamental ownership, no doubt...our body mind, spirit and the personal space we occupy.

I don't believe any choice is a wrong choice, they just create different experiences. A neither seemingly destructive choice of partner or career etc may give you a hard experience lesson but if you don’t resist it once in nor regret for getting in, then it can move through rather quickly.

The REAL problem is never the other, whether work or person, it is the resistance to the experience being presented in that situation.

Suffering comes from resistance and judgments ... not from experiencing.

Nevertheless, coming out of highly dysfunctional & abusive connections of any kind is an act of kindness towards oneself as the book on " knowing when to let go" suggests... destructive energies are felt & they can destroy one's health.

But it isn't their" destructive energy, it is our own which stems from our resistance. It could well be resistance to breaking up or confrontation or a myriad of things that we might use to justify NOT stepping into our own Self-Empowerment that stands up and says, "This is not right for ME ... and I'm don't have to take it anymore!!! I choose something else."  

The thing we always seem to miss is being Aware enough of the fact that ALL Life experiences are simply designed to give us the opportunity to BE the Highest Good we can possibly be ... and apply that good into every situation. 
What we call real drama and heavy negative energy is really just my own deep resistance to BE-in the full expression of my True Self here now... to BE-in true to my Higher Guidance of what I Intuitively FEEL is the very right thing for me.

However, those of us aware, must also admit some cultures are highly oppressive relative to others, to the extent of literally harming those who question their oppressive traditions in the name of honour.

I believe this is the concern, coming from Eastern backgrounds I can admit, it's a lot more harder for women on this side of the globe to fully embrace their Being - whole, when often we are told that we are here to obey and cater to the men. This indeed leads to the deficiency of Self- Respect and also Self-Love, sadly justified in the name of God and Heaven.

Experiencing isn't denial of the Human Reality as it is, on the contrary. The power of Experiencing Life fully is that it allows it to move on, as does the Experiences, so one is never trapped by circumstances of the Human Event being created. 
They are all opportunities to change those cultural human realities that are creating the events of suppression etc. The opportunity is for you to apply your Higher Virtue to that event, in whatever form is "Intuitively" appropriate for you in that moment. 
This personal application is what will change the cultural events being presented around you.

The experience of a lack of Self-Respect is an opportunity to apply self-respect and without Respect for you then it is impossible for Love of Self to enter and manifest in this world reality. 
The continual infliction of cultural or religious assertions isn't the cause of the lack of self-respect. It is the continual denial of self, of not doing what is right for you, of going against your Intuition, of giving up your power and giving in, this is what eats away at you, and it eats away at your respect for your Self.

To blame the others or situations for my lack, is a strategy of resistance and avoidance to applying the Higher Virtues I already know I have, but once again hold back.

The heaviness of Self disrespect stems not from the events of our physical world, but from the denial of the Spiritual Intention you and every one of us came here to "deliver" to this Collective Human Reality with our Love for it. 
That Higher Intention is to expand the Collective Human Reality out of its existence based in Self-denial, suppression, resistance and suffering, and move it into one based in Self-honesty, self-ownership, Love, compassion, freedom, with complete self-expression of all the Higher Virtues in every given moment and by every Living Being here.

This is the new paradigm of the Collective Human Reality we are here to ground in the Living Entity we call Mother Earth, who creates the Human Paradigm.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, that's why we all signed the waiver to surrender up our complete knowing of The Divine, so we would come here and fully immerse our Self in the drama of this current Collective Human Reality. 

There are some very painful positions to be filled and acts to be played out for this new paradigm to emerge, for these opportunities to be available for us all. 
Remember though, the ones who have chosen those roles chose them from the very same Higher Intention that I have chosen my role and you have chosen yours etc. 

The bottom line is that it is "my reality" that has power for transformation of the Collective; for I AM a part of that Collective that makes it up. 
When I change "my human reality" I naturally and effortlessly change the Collective Human Reality. 
When I change "my human reality", the ripple of my new experience creates an influence that can empower others to change their human reality. 

I CANNOT change their reality ... I can only influence it ... the change in theirs is in their empowerment to do so. Ghandi and Mandela are just 2 GREAT examples on a large scale. 

We are exactly the same examples on our own levels.