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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The gift of acceptance...

Acceptance is a lived experience. 

It can’t be given to you. 

You need to earn it. 

Most often it comes from living through the most excruciatingly painful and difficult times. When it comes to acceptance, I thought there was not much else I needed to learn.

When I lost my dad, I’ve been given the gift of acceptance. No matter what happens in life, you’ve just got to get on with it. 
The clarity that I had searched for for a long time was staring at me in the face.

Acceptance was the quality that came before everything else and it had enabled me to move forward and find a new direction in life. 
Allowing, not resisting, accepting what had happened had open the door that I had never before considered. It brought positive change, healing and growth.

Acceptance is the one quality I am constantly reminded of when life throws me more challenges or more hill to climb. 
However, this was never going to sustain me in the long term and it was not time to learn the art of surrendering to the stillness and allowing a deeper level of self-love, peace and acceptance to enter my life.

Now I find myself accepting all of life, the joyful and the most painful, has given me not only a new way of doing but also of being. 
I now see acceptance is a process, there are many layers and it is all about timing. There are times when I struggle to accept, but I’ve learned how to console myself and I am OK again.

Paradoxically, I can now accept the time of non-acceptance when I feel struck and unable to move forward and I feel comfortable with that. 

I now know that when I am in that space, it is only because there is healing trying to happen and realise that I don’t need all the answers NOW and I know they will come with time.

The willingness to see things as they, understand the ephemeral nature of life, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. 

When we accept life as it is, we make peace with life and we stop expecting that it should be anything other than what we have been given.

Sometimes I forget these lessons myself and need reminding, but that doesn’t mean I am a failure....just human.

So in accepting......I see that even if I don’t have the answers yet, I can still love the questions.