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Monday, August 27, 2012

Isn't it also seeing that the mystery of Life...is absolutely a mystery?

What is sin?
What is evil?
What is negativity?
What is enlightenment?

We separate good from evil, positive from negative, light from dark, and then unconsciously go to war with the 'shadow side' of reality.

We fight the dark, hoping one day to reach the light - and we forget that in reality all of these 'opposites' are just illusions of mind, and who we really are is beyond all the opposites....

I’ve found that there is a transitional period of letting go of all the conditioning that you've accumulated as you grew up to go towards the good and detract from the bad.

It’s a very subtle shift as you see life could not be itself without the so called things that we deem "bad."

You find there is a tremendous harmony in every situation because there couldn't be a "here" without a "there" or there couldn't be a "me" without the "other."

You do what you do because that's what the harmony of the universe requires but there's no "good" or "bad" anymore because you see that those it is "finally" being able to see Life, as being absolutely extraordinary.

A shift is perception, we can say... a huge clarity of seeing... the ordinary is extraordinary... indeed the awakening experiences, are awakening us to this reality

All ideas about yourself come and go. You think you're enlightened, you think you're unenlightened. You think you know everything, you think you know nothing. You think you're a teacher, you think you're a student.
And all these ideas float by, like leaves in the wind, like clouds in the sky.

What remains?

Nothing and everything and only me who I am remain, a peaceful emptiness - that is always there.

Monday 8.27pm