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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taking control of your own destiny is the key.

Keep the mindset:
Something new is going to come out of me—I won't rely on the world to bring something new into my life so I can finally change. I’m going to bring something new out of myself!

The more people you serve, the more opportunities are going to come your way.

People with too much drama in their lives are often neglecting their greater mission and purpose. Those living with purpose don't have time to sit and stir the pot.

We are born and built for something beyond ourselves and we are aware of that, we answer that call, our life immediately transforms into an amazing journey. It is all about balancing your priorities in life.

Drama is just a layer of trash covering up the truth, busying the subconscious mind, so it won't notice what and who it really is.

It takes courage and Self-Love to take out the trash and allow the emptiness to reflect the Truth of our greater mission and purpose to us.

The Charge offers excellent instruction for trash removal.

It's hard to have a vision for your life if you've never seen anything.

Get out into the world. World experience cannot be taught, it has to experienced!

Explore. Open up..

Have big dumb fun adventures.

Ask questions.

Watch others.


Dream up and create a magnificent vision and future for yourself and your family.

Knowing what is possible is the first step to implementing a change in one's life.

Starting a conversation with someone while out on mundane errands can be very interesting. You’ll never know who they are until you speak to them. I met a pretty well know artist recently.

Life is too short to not enjoy and experience life. 

Don't wait