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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Secrets.... hmmm

Does EVERYONE have secrets? Should some stuff be kept ''absolutely'' private?

In my opinion, of course everyone has secrets...hypocrites would say' no' to that.

I'd rather be honest than hypocritical.

Un/fortunately at least one person knows every secret of mine. I'm bad at keeping any news to myself.
It’s on a need to know basis I would say there is no point in telling everyone everything.

Some secrets are too personal to be kept absolutely secret. Even you also should not remember those secrets.
Imagine if each one of us here would reveal all their secrets....that would be a total chaos! Hadada....especially we live in a diverse world...with different orientation and way of thinking...reasoning...background...and many do not know how to respect one's opinion....wooaaaa!!! That’s going to be a blast! :)))

When there's nothing to fear, there isn't much left to hide actually cos there is nothing to be ashamed anymore.
Sadly, others do not know the word RESPECT even if you do not give them the permission. They WILL destroy you, unknowingly....stabbing you behind your back. But then again nobody can "destroy" another without their permission :)

A life without secrets is not worth living. Everyone has secrets and some stuff must be kept secret.

Interestingly, I have found "respect" to be relative too, as all other entities.

Yes some secrets should be left just that!! Some people won’t understand why you choose to keep things quiet.
There is such as a thing as DISCRETION ......and PRUDENCE.

Agree with the diversity point and the fact that not everyone perceives it the same way..so should rather not take the trouble to reveal something to someone who would look down upon something or who'd make a big deal of it..

We can be too honest and open for our own good at times.