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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Think deep...

All any of us would like to do is get our hearts realigned with God.

We may self-destruct at different times in our lives, but that is only because of all the programming that has been crammed into our heads as children of how life is suppose to be lived.

We are told what to do instead of being shown and encouraged how to create a joyful experience with Life.

When children are not given nurturing tools to know how to create a life of self expression then the only outcome will be a few crumbs along the way.

It is no wonder it always feels like a road of disappointments and dissatisfaction after dreams never seem to come true.

We are always told to look at our external surrounding for our happiness when the truth is happiness is an inside job.

When one grows older and feels the frustrations of the past it takes great courage to truly look at what has been lived and make the changes for the dreams waiting for the individual.

As much as one tries to make changes it can be so difficult because one has been told all their life you cannot lose control of your emotions, and there is a status quo to keep.

It is no wonder there are times life appears to be always falling apart. Even though the screams in one’s head feel real to a degree because of the frustrations from the continuous seemingly let downs of daily living.

There will come a time in one’s journey after all the weariness of the perceived shadows that are being cast upon one’s path as it is walked the questions of what is seen will begin.

We look so hard to find our answers all the while the darkness makes everything look so hazy. Reflecting back over our situations or circumstances is a vicious game that will only keep one recycling back into their shadows without realizing the solutions is not there.

Where the answers are found is not looking into the problem, but taking a step back to see whatever is showing up and noticing where one’s thoughts are going with the situation or circumstance.

The question is, what’s the gift in this is for me, not why is this happening to me.