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Friday, August 17, 2012

Take charge...

The challenge with today's political and economic landscape is that we have an epidemic of half-interested wimps running the world.

We’ve let ourselves be neutered of any real desire or grand ambitions for change by heeding the advice of the “realists” and the standard bearers of the status quo, who tell us to set 'smart' goals.

But these types of attainable goals never spark the imagination or fire the will.

We are now a culture flooded with goals and spreadsheets and work plans that inspire no heart, no drive, no courage.

I say, you want to change?

Then do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to settle on a vision or a calling or a change in any arena that is uninspiring.

If you’re going to have clarity on something in your life, make it something so big and bright and meaningful that you will get out of bed and chase it until you grasp it or die.

Bring forth a desire that knows no safe boundaries and even scares you a little bit, that will demand all the best that is in you, that takes you out of your own orbit and into the stratosphere of the remarkable.

That kind of desire changes your life, and it changes the world.

It is time to use the Great Reset as a way to retrain, retool, refuel, and Take Charge to drive recovery and create the Next Economy.

Since the early days, we have reinvented the economy and have the power to do so again.

It is time for The Charge!!