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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today lets us take it easy.

Life is life but we do not have to experience every moment of it with high intensity and over-reaction.
It is better to just allow some things a pass.

Not the important things of course.

Just the little things that offend our egos, only we can be the caretakers and protectors of our peace. Fight for what matters to the spirit.

Ignore or laugh off what offends the ego. Yes! this may to require exercising more self control in the moment than we are used to, I know it does for me but with a little practice, more deep breathing, and a dose of humour our effort becomes our source of personal power.

Just as the body needs to be fed, so does the spirit.
Feed your spirit today.
Nourish it with music, dance, laughter, and beauty.

You can never overindulgence on the things. They are the fuel for invention, creativity, inspiration, and love

Invite your spirit to a feast this day. Fuel it with the essence of all that is good in life.

When you find yourself in transition, confusion, or uncertain of where things are headed, rather than act or over-react with anxiety or fear, take a breath and allow yourself a little space so that you might tune into your Higher Self, and allow it to take the lead.

Simply say,
"Higher Self, lead the way. Move my mind, move my heart, move my body in the direction of my highest good at this time and in this circumstance."
Then relax, maybe stretch if possible, and wait to be moved by the spirit.

If you sincerely surrender to your spirit, and to the path of love and light, you will naturally move toward the most positive path open to you. Try it. You'll see it is true.

Intuition works best when you are clear about your goals and intentions. It will especially serve well those goals and intentions that arise from your heart and most authentic self. It also supports the most immediate goals and intentions very well.

Just as it is important to ask your guides for help and assistance in life, it is equally important to thank your guides and all your divine helpers they offer you. 

Stretch your awareness today.

Look more deeply into the world around you.

Notice in others and in life what you haven't noticed before.

Intuition comes to our attention because we NOTICE it. Until you notice your intuition in a timely fashion, it cannot help you.

What wonderful new thing are you noticing right now? On the outside? On the inside?