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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The illusion of separation...????

Separation does disappear.
If it can appear, then it can disappear.
And it certainly does appear.

The illusion of separation -
how can something that isn't here in the first place 'disappear'?
What you are has always been intimate with life - with every thought, sound, sensation, and image.

Awareness and contents of awareness were always one. This intimacy doesn't come and go - though it may be apparently overlooked in our search for it.

And yet it's always here, appearing as this, this, this....

When the illusion is seen through, what's also seen is that there never was any separation to begin with - only the illusion of it.

A child thinks there is a monster in his closet - and waits for it to go away. The child then says "the monster disappeared!”

But only the illusion disappeared, 'illusion', in the true meaning of the word - 'deceptive appearance'.

So, in that sense, you're right, it does appear to appear, and appear to disappear, just as a wave seems to appear and disappear in the ocean.

Of course, when the inseparability of the wave and the ocean are seen - it's also seen that a separate wave never really appeared at all. It was simply the ocean, moving. Words, eh.

When I describing what does appear, after the illusion has disappeared, as "this, this, this" I might meant it’s indescribable/ineffable and I only can see it directly, without words.

It seems that words and language are most troublesome especially when they carve up the seamless unity of experience into separate things.

So maybe what really disappears, if anything is the taking seriously of or belief in judgements and labels?

Words, indeed!

Yes I think that's a good way of saying it - it's the taking seriously / the belief in the absolute truth of judgements and labels, that dissolves.....
Judgements, labels, words, concepts, opinions - all are allowed to arise, but they are held very lightly.....

This' is always beyond all labels.