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Thursday, August 30, 2012


"Pearls and precious stones
are never found on surfaces,
always residing at rock bottom
beneath layers of challenges.

Dive deep within your Being
To find inexplicable beauty,
Pearls of Truth awaiting
to unfold your embrace,
Inner Peace, Tranquillity."
- DS

These are the pearls of wisdom, most of us could never try to find and look for, so sad, that's why human brain is deteriorating, and this poor world is suffering. All of us should dive into us from time to time and bring back a pearl on the surface to share with others.

Just like a deep sea diver in search of pearls or exploring the depth of the oceans for new species... this requires lots of effort, the right attitude, the will to carry on... a diver needs his tank of oxygen and we need patience to make it through the journey... with time... and the proper channelling of the immense energy within us..

We’d get there.