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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are you still breathing?

Breathing is an elegant access point to Alignment.

Close your eyes, close your ears, and take a slow breath and ;) do it again and again.....it works perfect!!

But sometimes someone must remind you!!

Breathing: such a physical function and so allegorical at the same time... 

breathing is life and light and love ... 

trouble breathing like in pneumonia you ember your own fragility...breathing is you

When I pay attention to my breathing I pay attention to myself, get to know my strengths and limitations. It makes me feel much better.

Every breath makes the connection between the world in manifestation and the one beyond manifestation. 

Every breath brings us life. So take a moment and be aware!

Peace, stillness, mindfulness.... BIG Smile

Take a deep breath in – this moment is free, clear and ever-open.

You take over 20 000 breaths daily, how many are you present to?

Probably pretty few, as breathing is a totally automated process.

We might be aware of it when exercising, meditating, being stressed out, focusing on something, during childbirth, swimming under water, or when kissing with a stuffy nose.

When I was awake in the middle of night, noticing how relaxed I am – I breathe consciously, and it feels good.

I believe that conscious breathing is a divine key,
a local point of access to our natural state of awareness.

I breathe with my belly, usually both in and out through the nose. I let the rate flow naturally, and use focusing on my breath as a "reset button" when negative thoughts enter my field.

Some days I am in tune with my breathing, other days I totally forget.

Before going to bed tonight, I will look out on the stars, have a glass of wine,
and listen to Abraham-Hicks; Getting into the Vortex, a guided meditation.

Cheers my friends, I appreciate you all being here.

In this post I want you to share your advice on Breathing.