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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pain is an inevitable, yet significant part of life experience, and provides inspiration

There is a great deal of Pain in Life and perhaps the only type of Pain that can be avoided is the pain that comes from trying.

Oppression is pain, inequity is pain, lack of freedom is pain, poverty is pain, a disease is pain, etc - diverse challenges with growing pains.

Then how about physical pain? That pain FELT viscerally? Is that taught by others too? Or merely suffice to be accepted by FEEL?

Relativity of everything, nothing is absolute, etc. I imply any type of pain at all levels as one may choose to feel and/ or accept. Indeed we can mature THROUGH them all.

WE, humanity have made choices...assigned labels to everything, imagine if we were free of labels, judgment and our only perception was the reality of our soul?

Yet how inevitable is a choice. The longer we remain attached to any pain, the deeper it continues to pierce through our being and journey.

The feeling CAN be overcome, and in our lives, we can turn things that we have been taught that are supposed to be 'pain' ...into non-pain....and move towards the pleasure of life being lived as it is, as we believe, rather than how we're taught it should be.

When we consider the lesson/ maturity with every challenge as pleasure then YES, all pain can and will eventually turn into pleasure although not instantaneously...

I imply pain in general. Which included the choice to suffer too, which naturally doesn't bring pleasure since it's a choice to suffer, sometimes by the choice NOT to choose too

It is a choice to hold on, and a choice to let go. I think writing your thoughts on the matter are a form of letting it go and putting it towards productive use.

Writing and sharing our experiences with those who relate to our experiences is indeed an amazing and liberating form of letting go.