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Monday, August 20, 2012

I love me ^__*

I prefer the viewpoint that none of us are on different paths; we are all just different viewpoints of the same path called ... Being Human.

Don't make your Life special, FULLY embrace the ' Uniqueness" of your Life's expression of your viewpoints, and you will naturally embrace the "Uniqueness” of others expression of their viewpoints as well.

When I take the special-ness out of my Life, I by-pass the separateness of my Ego viewpoint of the experience also.

This is why I LOVE stimulating the sharing of viewpoints, because I get to see/feel the Human Journey through different eyes, from different viewpoints.

By staying what I call in-feel, I also get to "experience" those viewpoints and not separate myself from others because their viewpoint is different to mine.

That's what I LOVE most about others and the Human Reality.

I LOVE this because it allows me to continually expand my viewpoints of this/my Life, and allow myself to experience my Life through these new viewpoints.

My growth is assured by the more viewpoints I am willing to experience and learn from.