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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trust the wisdom within you that created you....

Sometimes just knowing there is someone who supports you and believes in you is all we need to take the next step of faith.

To all of you taking steps in faith know that you have an endless stream of universal support at your disposal so tap in.

Be confident in your ability, focused on your goal and believe you will succeed.

You will become what you believe in your heart when you go out, and live your life humbly.

You will spread Unconditional Love in every room you enter because you will accept everyone with no conditions or no requirements to be lived up to.

Then you will begin to celebrate your entire inner world as it displays for you an extraordinary palace within your walls.

You will see your path before you as a remarkable journey for you to share with everyone that walks besides you.

Heaven that you have always heard of will be shown to you in your every breath.

The Kingdom and all its treasures will be given accordingly to what you give.

You will live to benefit others for you will know that there is no other way to live.

Live your life with compassion so others may trust their heart to yours.

You will walk in the Light, for you will know that you are the Light.