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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Power of intention, love and acceptance...

“Practice the power of intention; it is the power of love. It asks nothing of anyone, it judges no one, and it encourages others to be free to be themselves”.

Very worthy of meditating upon! "Power of Love, asks nothing of anyone, it judges no one" Wouldn't life be more pleasant if we all internalized this thought?

But not all of us were born out of love,
In fact all of us were born out of a biological reaction,
And yes we are expressions of light and awareness,
But here is the fact,
And it is a bitter pill:
Love is learned, and it is imitated, not all people have been taught this, and that's the way it is.

There is how we wish it would be, and there is how it is.

The great Eagle of Lightening and Thunder that will claim our awareness at the end of our lives, has no compassion for the human awareness, and it is beyond any human emotion so this being said, use death as your advisor.

Because if you turn to life and ask advice, it will give you any lie to pacify you, any beatitude to make you feel better, but if you want the truth then ask death for advice and the answer will be the truth and with that answer will come this small voice, which few hear, saying
“I have not touched you yet, and I am final, so whatever you are worrying about, is probably a very small concern, compared to the vastness you will Know when I touch you”.

We make ourselves happy, or we make ourselves miserable...The amount of work is the same :) So don't worry TOO much, but don't be an IDIOT either :)

Love is treating others how you wish to be treated. Accepting the evils of the world and suffering isn't love. To say, embrace it or rise above it is lazy and complacent and absolves people of taking responsibility for the world we live in.

It takes open giver & open receiver to make intentions well comprehended by both parties

My friend said;
“And there are none as blind as those who cannot see, and none so lame as those who cannot walk, none so...umm (one sec)....vague as those who cannot make a point. And if you knew...you'd know...there...that'll be $29.99 please.....and if you act right now. I'll send you my new DVD " Sayings that sound like Zen Stuff with Cool Pictures" for the low, low price of only $19.99( offer void in Canada, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and the North-Eastern part of South-Western Botswana)..PEACE YA'LL...NUTTIN BUT LOVE AND STUFF LIKE THAT :) bwahahahahaha!”

What she spoke was her personal truth and it may not be the truth of everyone, who can say?

Well, I WAS intended out of love. I believe I was created from a desire for sex. That being said, I try every day to be the most loving, compassionate, spiritual being I can be to all creatures.

A truth I was unable to articulate. And then to add - I was hoping with all the fibber of my being - if I believed truly enough - absorbed enough - assimilated and understood enough, we too could feel this all encompassing love.

My I Am blows in the wind. The closet thing I've found to this Love - is the Love I have for my father, husband and my son. What you gave, we'll get it back, this is so true!

So, this message and all other Unity - Heart to Heart - We are One Source has to share is building a Force of Love strong enough to actually make changes in the individual that didn't learn it in infancy and through childhood into adulthood.
Perhaps there is hope.

I do believe that love and hope and faith can bring about miracles and compassion and caring can reach those who may wander in dark places.

Perhaps it takes being to reach into ourselves, sometimes our darkest parts, the places we don't want to look to find the means to touch the angry mind, the hurt soul, the wounded child maybe even the autistic child with the affliction so severe that some say they can never be reached, but they find their own beauty in things we can't see.

In those quiet moments, I do believe malice and anger are merely an absence of love and peace, quietness and stillness.

I've seen autistic children respond to animals, dolphins especially, in ways that are almost magical and maybe this is because animals do not speak, they do not think in “language", they operate from inner silence.

Silent knowledge, direct knowing maybe autistic children see and feel and sense the " mitotic" around them, the chaos of human" loud mind speech", there is always hope.

It is the substance of thing unlooked for... :) of things unseen. I may be a bit 'snarky" but 99% of the time, I agree with the beatitudes we see here on everyday living, but we have to be aware.

That is wisdom...and sometimes we have to be strong and stern, with our own boundaries, and those of others, for others perhaps so the garden grows as it will but we can tend it, with a thundering velvet hand...find the garden, share the garden, but at the same time, keep it secret, keep it safe

Made NO assumption that all children were born and intended out of love! Even the children born of rape are born of a great Love, and intended, because their mother knew that this child was part of her too. And while rape is an evil, taking your child's life is also an evil. 2 evil acts do not make a right.

That being said, love is a way of life, and to be more specific, the way of life. Unless one is LOVE, the Intention becomes IMPOTENT and power is defused, so it is really the Love that empowers the Intention in the end.
We were intended out of the love from God, source or whatever your belief is. In order for our intentions to manifest us one must be in a state of love for all living things.