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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Enjoy when you can and endure when you must

Sometimes I think we don't speak our appreciation of people, and so they never know how much good affect they have on others.

Take the time to share a breath with someone whenever you can. 

As you do, notice and appreciate something about them you never noticed or appreciated before.

Be brave and authentic and say so.

Watch your heart space.

Keep in open even if it feels different or uncomfortable.

Keep it open by smiling.

It will change the day for the better for everyone, mostly you.

If you want an experience other than the one you are presently having, start rerouting in a new direction.

Notice where you are, what experience you prefer to have, and the direction you are moving in right now.

Are you moving in the direction of your heart's desire or staying the course of your less than satisfying present?

Just for today move in the direction of what you love.

Take the first step toward supporting your most authentic heart and the Universe will take a thousand steps toward you.

It's the dance of life.

As for me I'm stepping outside and going for a bike ride, to soak in the sun while it's out.