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Friday, August 24, 2012

So we wait....

We wait in line at the grocery store, in traffic, to find true love, for health.
We wait for more money, freedom, time, for someone to come home.

We wait for inspiration, for a response, to hold someone we care for.
We wait to finally understand, to get it, to be seen, to live free and we wait to die.

We wait for the small things in Life, and we wait for the big things in Life.

Is it possible to not wait – to not want to be somewhere else than here – now?

We sure have a natural habit of moving mentally out of this moment, into that place that is there
outside of us – always in the so called future (or past).

But hey, is this not also called positive focus, constructive visualization,
Law of Attraction, conscious creation, progress and development?

There is a fine balance between acceptance of what is, non-resistance, gratitude
and having a clear intention for what you want to manifest.

You will probably be waiting for something later today, so have awareness of the fact that
you are given a pause – a time out – a moment to use as you please.

Make something out of this precious little moment – create something good.

There is no point waiting for Life – Life is waiting for you. 

Life is such a precious gift...so difficult to live the “now" and never forget to be "grateful
Be present, any time, any moment, acceptation, let it flow, take all use the best be better than before in peace with you - That´s life.
The fastest way to get where you what to be, is to make it all right to be where you are

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a gentle light begins to shine within, a calling for you to realise what really matters in life.
How making others laugh makes you laugh more, how reducing others fear makes your own disappear, how being grateful for the little things brings even bigger things to you, and that how peaceful you are is the true measure of success.