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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pray, work and gift.....

Truth is the highest of all virtues, but higher still is truthful living!

·         There is only one God
·         God is without form, or gender
·         Everyone has direct access to God
·         Everyone is equal before God
·         A good life is lived as part of a community, by living honestly and caring for others
·         Empty religious rituals and superstitions have no value

The quality of each particular life depends on the law of Karma. Karma sets the quality of a life according to how well or badly a person behaved in their previous life.

The only way out of this cycle, which all faiths regard as painful, is to achieve a total knowledge of and union with God.

However, the best ways to get close to Him, a person must switch the focus of their attention from themselves to God.

They get this state, which is called mukti (liberation), through the grace of God. That means it's something God does to human beings, and not something that human beings can earn.

I believe that God can't be understood properly by human beings, but he can be experienced through love, worship, and contemplation.

All we need is to look for God both inside themselves and in the world around them. They do this to help ourselves achieve liberation and union with God.

If you want to see God, look both at the created world and into their own heart and soul. The aim is to see the divine order that God has given to everything and through it to understand the nature of God.

Most human beings can’t see the true reality of God because they are blinded by their own self-centred pride and concern for physical things.

God is inside every person, no matter how wicked they appear, and so everyone is capable of change.

Just as fragrance is in the flower, and reflection is in the mirror, in just the same way, God is within you.

Go beyond ourselves, the message is written in the whole of creation; look at it with open eyes and see the truth of God, for creation is the visible message of God.

I believe that most of us misunderstand the universe. We think that it exists on its own, when it really exists because God wills it to exist, and is a portrait of God’s own nature.

The message has been shown to us is set down in the teachings of scriptures.

Don't ever think it pleases God if we pay no attention to others and simply devote ourselves slavishly to so call religion.

God never ask you to turn away from ordinary life to get closer to Him. In fact it demands that we use ordinary life as a way to get closer to Him by serving humanity and by getting rid of one own ego and pride too.

Pray, work and gift, summed up everything!

Try to avoid the five vices that make one self-centred, and build barriers against God in their lives.

Covetousness and greed
Attachment to things of this world

If a we can overcome these vices we are on the road to liberation.