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Thursday, August 30, 2012


All families have troubles in them.

Problem-free families do not exist.

Indeed, the challenges in families are family's greatest gifts. How else could we learn of real love, and of true compassion, and of total acceptance?

In our household,
their problem is I’m too farci and too bossy but they just have to bear with me J if I’m happy everybody is happy but sometime they do retaliate...and
my problem is my mother-in-law (she's a cow ^__*) don’t like me, she disapprove of her son marrying me, apart from that NO PROBLEM

Families are like the 'safe' environment where we all learn to dance on the shifting carpet that is life.

We learn unconditional love; it's all about perspective and opening your heart to the messages that present themselves, very 'real' instead of what it should look like or it must not look like. Total acceptance......WITHOUT SPOILING, enabling

To make a good family there has to be complete acceptance on both sides including positives n negative. Should not have to be a power struggle or control issues. Instead focus should be on raising kids with integrity and love.

Honestly, there is no greater institution in the world than a family.

I am a fond believer that there is a lot of work to keep this institution running successfully.

Lot of love, passion, respect and a shoulder to rely on.

The word 'I' should be replaced by WE.

With unity and integrity you can achieve anything. Hope all can share equal understanding and we can make world a better place to live.

Without my families 'issues' I would not be Who I Am today. I'm truly grateful for every second and every person who has played a part. Perspective IS everything.

Have often wondered why we need licences to drive cars but not to raise children.... Please don't scream and shout about human rights now.
Just think about the implications.

May be utopian but then true love would be the norm.