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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Devotional respect stems the flowers of integrity's intellect.

If you're married, be committed. 
Don't go fishing when you have someone who trusts and loves you. 
This goes to both, men and women. 
Either be in it honestly or talk about it before it falls apart.

There is NO justification for fishing/ cheating while one is married. No, not even if their partners will fill in the blanks of whatever negative traits. It's about honesty. 
Beyond all, to self.

I feel that even if they are freaky on the wink loll they should be honest with each other about those sides of themselves and what they are willing to explore with one another. 
No sneaking around and all of the secret foolishness

The single people also have a responsibility in NOT to lead on any married friends/ co-workers/ bosses/ etc that are showing any signs of crossing the line.

I’m an open individual but I do believe in commitment. 

If one is made then I believe it should be kept!

It takes 2 to tango. So there won't be cheating unless someone agreed to it. It's just a shame how some are addicted to the habit. 
I don't waste time even listening to excuses. 
Married friends got to know their limits. 
If they cross it, they lose a friend, plain and simple policy.

Even to those who are "unreligious" does not equate to being immoral, but need to respect everything and everyone.

I am also a believer in the fact that a married/committed individual can also be involved in an "emotional affair" with someone, that can possibly lead to further destruction of the present relationship. 

Maybe, that is the time to step back and review your own personal morals and work on some "self" improvements to be able to make an attempt to rescue the committed relationship or at least be honest with that person and yourself!

If one loves another they don't cheat, it's that simple. So many do not realize how blessed they are to have someone in their life who loves them.

I know of many just remain in their marriage for the sake of their children if they have them, and then the children are affected too, just such a toxic situation that many do not escape.

Be fair to everyone involved. Especially to your soul, but we have no right to judge our neighbour on anything. The only right we have is to keep our soul, thoughts and actions in the right.

There are all types of individuals in all types of societies. We simply appear diverse from the outside...

The rich/ poor, educated/ laymen, etc dualities are all relative.

Sunday morning