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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some thoughts about Life....

I can choose what character traits I value - develop and integrate them into my life;
Integrity, self-respect, discipline, alignment.

My character is my colour light, flavour, my distinctive field; it's my ID, my core.

By giving value to others, I move closer to everything I want in life. It gives me pleasure to provide value, and I'm good at it.

I operate efficiently, it's my style. I attract great people and resources into my life.

I value contrast. I make mistakes. I accept, calibrate, learn, forgive myself and move on.
I'm responsible for my emotional state and attitude. I’m a great buddy with my Mind, and I don’t listen to everything it tells me.

I’m conscious about developing my emotional intelligence (insight & control), and to become a master of creating desired emotional states. Basic and Paramount.

I’m honest to my emotions, and show them, I’m glad to cry, show controlled anger, sadness, blissful joy, emptiness, sexual ecstasy, mellow insight - all in love of the variety of the experience.

The first wealth is Health. I will be able to run on the beach with my girlfriend on my back when I'm 70 years old. I will happily throw my shirt of, swim naked under the stars, and dance in my pyjamas.

We are all viewpoints of Source experiencing itself. I will laugh jolly at Debrief back in the unmanifested, and throw a great cocktail party for everyone involved.

I’m here to add the most juicy, entertaining, fun, multidimensional and expanded experience possible back to Source. I don't have a life, it’s not my life, life and I are not separate - I am life.

Everything in my existence is limited by what I fail to notice, and because I fail to notice that I fail to notice, there is little I can do to change, before I notice how failing to notice shapes my reality – this is Awareness.

I believe that extraordinary relationships require extraordinary people.

I want to raise independent, healthy, happy and courageous children.

Love is an unlimited resource, you can give 100% to endless people - it’s not finite.

I appreciate to love deeply, to want my man sexually with clear passion, communicate with elegant flow and creativity, have amazing humour and experiences together, walk in the same direction with a common view on life. To respect, admire, support each other and return to our essence – our natural state.

I live an unusual life, probably for a good reason. That’s OK.

I have a minimum of two dinner nights a year with all my friends, if I don’t; maybe these people belong in a different category. Friendships require time, energy and investment. My friends are my most valuable external asset.

I am creative and unafraid. I live in an abundant Universe, there is enough of everything to go around; kisses, cash, time, health. There is no "what is pie" that has to be divided among everyone. Availability expands in proportion to desire, action and allowance.

Financial freedom gives me infinitely more options and possibilities. It greatly influences my quality of life, and the lives of everyone I interact with. I believe wealth is an effect not a cause. It’s just energy. So have fun making money, by providing decent value – its good Karma.

Few things are as satisfying as the moments you bend reality by conscious choice, and become aware of you as a Game master. Reality is negotiable.

Stay Free, Stay Present, Follow the Energy

And so it is