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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Not to choose is a choice...

Life is CHOICE driven; choose to live on purpose and not by default.

Not to decide is to decide. Letting something go until it "decides itself" is Life by Default. You don't want to live that way. 
So choose.

It's about listening to my inner guide and figuring out which situations will work out by themselves, and which ones require a proactive response.

I choose to let life decide...sometimes and sometimes not. I feel strong in choosing this, by the way, as someone who is a hard hitting, hard driving, never say die person, this is a wonderful thing for me...to let it go, let it be and let Me.

You can´t leave your life to destiny...You make your destiny!

Open doors and closed doors...sometimes life DOES decide for you - sometimes we decide too quickly and find we should have waited.

No decision is a decision - one has decided not to decide - and that often a bad decision is better than the struggle.

I watch so many people say that they are going to put it in god’s hands or let the universe guide them… But what they need to remember is that God & the universe are within us & when we operate from our heart centre, we are connecting with God & the choices become very clear...

All of our choices are an expression of God... 

I think we sometimes get caught up in thinking that there is something that we are "supposed" to be doing...And out of fear of making the "wrong choice" we play it safe & allow something outside of us to dictate our lives...missing the point all together.

I walk freely, the only part of my life that involves decisions in my home. Aside from that the attachments are pieces of my past where I found trust and refuge and so it is part of present. 

Everything else that does not form part of my life has already been made.