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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Travel in the direction that you intend to go." said dad

There is saying, taken from the I Ching that states,
" If the beginning is right, the ending is right."

In trusting this ancient wisdom let us vowing to listen to and follow our hearts and inner spirit, no matter what.

By making this courageous decision we assure ourselves the best possible chance of moving beyond the frustrating and
all too familiar struggle that comes with ignoring our inner voice, and
into a life filled with grace, blessings, and authentic meaning.

This is the kind of life we are designed by our Creator to experience, enjoy, and share with one another.

Let's do this for ourselves, each other, and the Holy Mother Earth.

To the bone, to the very core, that is it, this is it, the Truth.

May the brightest light shine in everyone and guide them to their biggest dreams!!!