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Monday, July 16, 2012

Finding silence in Music

For me silence is not the absence of sound, or the stillness of the mind.
It is the opening to the natural stream of well-being, a state of peace and harmony.

Sometimes I find this in traditional stillness, often I find this through music.

I was thinking about how much I appreciate music:

Being able to find a song that matches my mood in 10 seconds on my phone
My favourite radio station Digitally Imported, for uplifting vocal trance

Going epic clubbing in Buenos Aires, with sweat, beats and smiles
How music and rhythm are part of every culture and religion

Listening to Chris Martin sing 'Fix You' live to an ecstatic audience
Cruising along the road to a great soundtrack and throbbing engine sound

Making out to a powerful song – loud
Hearing the acoustic version of Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
For the first time on a beach in Thailand

The depth, precision and clarity of a high-end sound system
Opening my canopy at 12 000 feet on a sunset jump, and loading a song

How music is effectively used in enhancing the movie experience
Headphones, for making music portable and accessible everywhere

The emotions that music wakes up in people – universally
While running, being pleasantly surprised by a new playlist

Low background music setting the ambience in a restaurant of café
Someone playing the guitar by a bonfire

And since everything is vibration and energy – that we are in a way a musical piece of art.