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Friday, July 6, 2012

Life is inclusive. Only your mind is exclusive.

You know how I've said that everything you do you do because you believe that in the having of it you'll feel better – and thus your ultimate motivation is to feel better?

We have that pull towards wellness build into our DNA, so it's true. However have you considered what always disrupts that 'good feeling'?

You would normally point to 'that thing', the event, the other person, the situation, or your own negative thought; something that you are not comfortable with.

So have you considered why you are not comfortable with that arising?

It is because you have a belief, an idea in your mind that says it shouldn't be so, that this is not 'right'. You are in opposition to reality because of a mental concept you hold, and that disallowance of life makes you feel bad.

Allow what is, because it is as it is for an excellent reason.
Who do you think is going to win, your argument or reality?

If you resist the form of present moment you will suffer – your call.

So you have a choice; resist and push against what is, or be curious and ask how what has presented itself can make you more conscious and contribute to your growth, and take action from there.

More simply put; perceive reality clearly and you will feel better, because you are then in conscious harmony with what is.