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Friday, July 27, 2012

Camouflaged Bliss

What if I tell you there are priceless things you can't afford to buy?

Yes, even a homeless could have.

The next opportunity you get to leave home, I request you to do yourself a favour that you undoubtedly deserve.

I want you to focus DEEPLY on something you usually take for granted.

It could be trees, flowers, the eyes of a cat you pass by, or simply the angel of breeze abundantly surrounding you.

As you concentrate more and more deep, you will begin to tantalize the music embedded within unexpected sources beating in unison to your pacemaker.

*At this point I literally stood up and walked outside my front gate*

I intend on sharing with you what I absorb during this mini trip.

In order to prevent my visual ideas over-ride my other perceptions, I switched off the garden lights and stood in complete darkness it was 11 p.m last night, only illuminated by moonlight.

Ahhh! How breathtaking! The handsome moon poured its silky beams onto the majestic coconut palms while the smooth blades of grass frolicked in delight against my feet.

I closed my eyes and felt the breeze tingle my face, only to be distracted by hyperactive mosquitoes singing against my ears and restless lizards creaking at a distance in phase with the leaves of all the trees in sight.

As I opened my eyes I spot stress-free fireflies flying with overflowing liberty, with joy peace many of us could only wish for.

The stars dazzled with pride as patriotic citizens of the Milky Way...

As you see,
the moon, 
music of insects and 
all these priceless sources of tranquillity are affordable even to the starving and homeless.

As you choose to sip from these fountains of bliss, you will gradually quench the insatiable thirst for peace of mind until materialism with all its pressure would have no space on your list of requirements for true happiness.

note to AOH