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Sunday, July 15, 2012


How do you guys feel when you see individuals of the same gender as yourself super-groomed?

Women (We Men) react in different ways on noticing other attractive/groomed Women. Some admittedly feel jealous while others get unbelievably intimidated.

I feel excitedly MOTIVATED and SO very glad to see groomed women and men-
are it in physique,
intellect and/ or
as this is proof of their Awareness and interest to take care of one/ more dimensions of them.

This is indeed progress for our Universal Evolution.

It's always good to see people that take pride in their appearance...

There is a LIMIT Extraordinary External Beauty can give one luck, eventually it will become clears that although the outside of the cup is shining and beautiful, that the inside is filled with filth and decay.....

Kind of like you can talk to me for 15 minutes but after that you better know something because it don't take long to figure a person out after that..

Give me a tired and worn cup that is shiny, sparkly clean and beautiful within!