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Friday, July 13, 2012

Born to break as many status quo barriers and rules.

Also arrived here to help others break such chains too!

If the mind is the chain, then belief is the lock, awareness is the key, the realization that both chain and lock that prisons you is "me", the mind is nothing without belief.

The mind can never grasp nothingness. We are this chattering thought, solidified to form by the cycle of belief.

My friend said -
“Positive thinkers are fools. Is it not their negative condition their subconscious mind believes into form?  Any magician will tell you. It is not positive thinking but absolute certain belief that shall form your reality. This is not left brain logic or reason stuff. But fantasy yet? Believed fully. Positive thinkers have great big egos. Negative thinkers have bashed in egos. Awareness witness is the only moment ego is seen for the floaters as thought it is.”

There is much semantics in what she describes.
Positive and negative perspectives too could be explained in different ways.
Positive approaches towards any encounter in it are a tool for creating and changing our beliefs. Let’s not get caught in word games and judge any Beings as "fools", rather respect the fact words have their limitations in describing feelings and experiences.
Everyone has an ego.

It's a natural entity of our Being.
Yes, another way of looking at it is that the ego is an illusion when one awakens.
Everything can be accepted and rejected depending on HOW we look at it.
Positive/ Negative are relative like every other duality.

Awareness too has the partner of the lack of awareness. Live and Let Live. Be and Let Be. Agree to Disagree. Unity in Diversity.

What about the law of attraction? Positive thinkers are fools?!

In my mind that’s a war statement from one opinion clashing with another. Then again that’s what I got out of it, since I am a positive thinker, and also a realist which knows many of the dark sides of the world.

The world you see out there is a reflection of your mind. Chaos out = chaos in.

Then again I think you did not mean a war statement, but calling people names or putting them in boxes I my mind never lead to anything good or any progress.

The day I transcend my ego, that’s the day I meet nirvana. Maybe... if there is such a thing. But before that all I do I do out of ego.

My kindness towards others is also rooted in the joy and warmth I feel inside me when doing well to others. So I am ego driven until I can transcend. Without my ego I wouldn’t feel love or hate. I am spirit within a body full of the ego I need to survive this world.

Ego is neither good nor bad. Ego is the manifestation of the user. The user then takes good or bad choices.
Just like water, the sun and money, the ego too can be used as a tool for our growth and evolution OR can be used for destruction.

This entire level of illusionary adventure is fuelled by "ego".

 To me, "ego and mind" are inseparable. In order to "awaken", for however brief a time that might be, begins with the emptying of the mind, by the means of your choice.

At that point the ego dies with it. Then, "to the mind that is still, the entire universe surrenders".

Hip Hip Hooray!