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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

May abundance in all of its forms come your way!

Blessings on this beautiful unfolding!

It’s time to release that which no longer serves or resonates with my deepest and most loving Spirit, even if I want to hold on.

 It is OK to be afraid, but not OK to allow fear to prevent me from trusting my inner voice or facing my weaknesses.

It is also Ok to ask for help, from above and from those who love us and can help.

So, help. I'm open to all in harmony with God's will and my highest good.

And thank you God and life for loving me.

May I be graced with the courage to receive?

People who love and support are real gifts. To be able to receive love from true friends and family when you really need it is heaven on earth.

It is the greatest treasure there is. I am so grateful.

Life is full of Wonderful moments to embrace and acknowledge Love is the greatest of all gifts, Love one Another with heartfelt positive selfless passion.

I am most grateful for the friends who are now my family....and sending out more love, may my reminders always come when you need those most!

I'm hearing from many old friends these days... some whom I haven't heard from since grammar school. It is amazing to recognize just what an impression we leave on people's hearts by our presence.

I intend this day to leave the most loving impression possible in all which I connect with; I find that people from my past always seem to reappear during Mercury retrograde.

I have many that I have cherished memories of and now I can pop in and say hi and see what's up in their life.  Thank you for your presence in my life.

Acknowledging our own power and impression takes courage.

All the judgements have created so much fear, and the world is running amuck with it.

It's time to set ourselves free, one uplifting thought at a time.