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Monday, July 23, 2012

We are our biggest enemy..

Do what you want!

Wear what you want!

Go where you want to go!

Date and marry whoever you Love!

As long as your intentions are peaceful and loving.

There is really nothing to worry!

As for those using God and FEAR to control others tell those God loves you too and wants you to have FUN, for life is too short to worry about others judgements.

We are human with brains and we know what’s right and what’s wrong with our own limits. And if we work within our limits, and add to that our conscience, humbleness, and there’s love in our hearts we shall be fine and shall have a righteous life.

When our ACTIONS and STEPS are guided by LOVE, then we will always choose the right path ... Many people are fearful of happiness.

For such persons, to be content in life means they must change a number of their habits.
We do not accept them, because to do so causes us to feel that we are in God's debt and because of that fear of shrinking, we fail to grow.

You are innocent.

You are blameless

You are without foible or fault of any kind.

I know you do not believe this about yourself, but do you believe this of the three-year-old beautiful child?

And what makes you think that you are anything less in the eyes of God?

Did you know that that the highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about?

The responsibility of Freedom includes allowing others to be free to make their own choices even when we disagree with seemingly valid reasons.

Disagreeing without judgement is to act responsibly with freedom, even if it means sometime being assertive, and with seemingly valid reasons.

I believe the greatest favour one human can do to another is respect his or her idea of freedom.

Let there be peace and let that peace begin within. That I may set forth on a journey to find harmony.